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Rihanna Gets Dramatic Haircut — Love Or Loathe New Look? Vote

Hollywood Life

Rihanna showed off a cropped jacket and a cropped hair cut in New York City on Dec. 16! Do you love her new, short hair? Vote below!

While most people are bundling up this winter, Rihanna fights the trend by taking off a layer — of her hair! She showed off her long locks on Dec.15, but then on Dec. 16, she switched to a short and sweet look! Rihanna is always changing it up. Which look do you prefer on RiRi?

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Study: Sexual Frustration May Cut Down On Life Expectancy

CBS Philly

ANN ARBOR, MI (CBS) – Could sexual frustration cut down on life expectancy?

According to researchers at the University of Michigan, the answer may be yes – at least for fruit flies.

In a new study published in the journal Science, male fruit flies were exposed to other male fruit flies that had been genetically engineered to give off female pheromones.

The flies that perceived the female pheromones but were not able to mate experienced more stress, a decrease in fat stores and became increasingly vulnerable to starvation, cutting their lives short.

“The cutting-edge genetics and neurobiology used in this research suggests to us that for fruit flies at least, it may not be a myth that sexual frustration is a health issue. Expecting sex without any sexual reward was detrimental to their health and cut their lives short,” says senior author Scott D. Pletcher, Ph.D, a professor…

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Chris Brown Drops New Track ‘Loyal’ With Lil Wayne & French Montana

Hollywood Life

Even though Chris is in rehab, he’s been busy recording music and he’s dropped an awesome new song! It’s called ‘Loyal’ and we can’t help but wonder who he’s talking about!

Is Chris Brown calling out his ex-girlfriend Rihanna? It sounds like it’s a definite diss at a woman in his life but we can’t imagine he’s talking about his current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, because she’s been right by his side through so many hardships he’s had!

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Kylie Jenner: I’m Single & Jaden Smith’s Just My ‘Best Guy’ Friend

Hollywood Life

Although many are convinced that Kylie and Jaden are dating, the teen insists that she’s single and opens up about their close bond in ‘Seventeen Prom’!

Kylie Jenner looks so pretty on the cover of Seventeen Prom‘s Winter/Spring 2014 cover, where the 16-year-old models one prom-ready look after another — and inside she admitted that although she may be famous she’s dying to experience a traditional prom night with a boyfriend! However, since she’s single, she said her BFF Jaden would make a great date — although she insists they are just friends! Do you believe her?

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