Month: August 2014



Define: Termite Mound |ˈtəːmʌɪt maʊnd|

Split Sydney


Proof the illuminati exist. There is no way an animal the size of a pin head has enough strength to build a giant boob-shaped house out of dirt. But then again, why would the illuminati have any interest in constructing giant skin tags in the Australian outback? The only conclusion  is that termites experience a worse mid life crisis than any ferrari customer in history. This whole mound building business is just a flex of the termites dirt, moving muscles. Because when you can build a giant scrotum that is one million times the size of your own, you know you have made it in life. It’s time to sit back and let the ladies come.

Some good photo opportunities when visiting the termite mound include:

  • I’m holding the termite mound in my hand
  • Oh No! The termite mound is on my head
  • Im standing behind the termite mound
  • I am…

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