The Secret Life of Walter Mitty



So Mr. Stiller, getting away from slapstick comedies, are we? Delving into the world of Oscar-friendly art films? The Secret Life of Walter Mitty sure looks like it. This is Ben Stiller’s latest film in which he directs and stars, following a series of really good comedies that include Tropic Thunder and Zoolander. But as stated before, Walter Mitty looks to be a departure for Stiller.

A few things I learned from this trailer:

1)    It looks like a beautiful film.

2)    Kristen Wiig looks just as good as a brunette.

3)    If Sean Penn eerily beckoned to me from a photograph I would not respond.

So yea, it looks like Ben Stiller plays Walter Mitty, an average joe who works at Life Magazine. His life isn’t superb. He wants a girl (Wiig) but he’s shy. And then—fantasy sequences! Fantasy sequences take him far and wide, adventuring…

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