Pete Doherty: I’ll need to cut my hand off to quit crack and heroin


Pete Doherty says the only way he’ll ever truly be able to quit smoking crack and using heroin is to chop his hand off.

Kate Moss’s ex-rocker lover says he’s struggling to get off the hard drugs because of the physical side-effects of kicking his nasty vices.

‘I don’t think it’s possible to sustain a healthy, for want of a better word, cocaine and heroin dependency, and then call yourself healthy by any stretch of the imagination,’ said the Babyshambles star on his latest bid to get clean.

‘You’re a fool unto yourself if you think that. Getting over 30… it’s reached a point now where there’s no way round it. It’s like, either curb it or stop it, or lose your health.’

Revealing the agonising hell of coming off the drugs, the 34-year-old told NME: ‘To get better you have to get worse. When I stop smoking crack, which…

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