Hugh Jackman: Why I’m taking a break from acting after Wolverine


Hugh Jackman has warned fans they won’t see him for a while as he’s taking a break from the big screen.

The Wolverine actor said he’s set to do a disappearing act because he feels too ‘greedy’ after pinching all the big movie roles from his rivals.

‘I’m taking a little while off, I don’t know if I’m taking a year, this movie now is my fourth movie in a row. I’m being very greedy. There’s a thing called being in the dog box, that’s me,’ said the 44-year-old Les Miserables star.

One fan who wont miss his screen antics is his son, who Jackman says is tough to impress despite his dad being a super-cool clawed superhero.

The star said: ‘He never talks to me about Wolverine. He never admits it’s cool, he never admits, “This is great”, nothing like that.

‘In fact a friend of his was saying…

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