Top Nine Deal Points in a Music Publishing Deal

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Publishing agreements come in lots of shapes and flavors from basic single song deals deals to admin deals to the more complex co-publishing deal. However, most contain similar basic terms. Being a fan of arbitrarily selected numbers,  below, I highlight the top 9.

(1)   Term

The “term” is simply the length of the agreement, and can be based on calendar (“contract years”) years or tied to a certain number of albums (often referred to as “LP’s” in most publishing deals). By way of illustration, term in a typical staff writer deal would usually be one calendar year, and might also contain a certain number of options for additional one-year term. Alternatively, the term can be measured as 12 months or until a specified number of songs have been delivered. On the other hand, an LP-based term is based solely on the albums written by the songwriter, not on calendar…

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